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Legal information and forms

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246-1530

Phone: 303-692-2184

Colorado Department of Revenue Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division
6200 Dahlia Street
Commerce City, CO 80022
Our Office is located at the Greyhound Race Track in Commerce City, Enter through the North or West gates. Our office is on the north side of the building at the east end. We are waiting for full size signage, however, in the interim there are small door signs.

This office is open to take applications and conduct Business. We will also be able to fingerprint applicants at this location beginning July 20th.

Phone: 303-205-THC1 (8421)


Forms and links:

Colorado Department of Revenue MMJ

Colorado Constitution, Article XVIII, Section 14

Colorado Revised Statutes

    * 18-18-406.3 Medical use of marijuana
    * 25-1.5-106 Medical marijuana program

Rules and Regulations for Medical Use of Marijuana

Law Enforcement Verification Procedures

Procedures for Requests for Patient Information by the Patient

Petitioning to Add Debilitating Medical Conditions To the Medical Use of Marijuana Regulations

House Bill 1284

Senate Bill 109

How do I own/operate/find a Medical Marijuana Center?

Where is my card?

Registry Common Mistakes

Colorado Dept. Health Marijuana Facts

Colorado Medical Marijuana statistics

Colorado Law Enforcement Procedures Concerning Medical Marijuana

Report of Lost or Stolen Medical Marijuana Registration Card

Change of Address or Caregiver

New/Renewal Applications and Instructions for patients over age 18

New/Renewal Applications and Instructions for patients under age 18

Amendment 20

July 20 2009 Rule Changes

Board of Health Rules

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